Hey, I'm Kyle Krause (Nice to meet you!) I'm available for freelance film and production-related work in and around the Mpls/St Paul area. I have a wide array of experiences in various roles related to production settings, editing, sound, and camera work (though, I don't have my own gear). I produced and directed a feature-length documentary, have directed and edited music videos, worked on tv sets, advertising and even a stint in video game-related production for Sony, I have an associate's degree in cinematography from Tribeca Film School at Flashpoint in Chicago...
"Commercial" Editor This was a "Speck" commercial for target's FTW series. There was originally a longer piece that ran about a minute and a half long. The DP and I picked out new music and went a different direction for a 30 second spot and chose music to fit the brand.
Fanaka Nation "Sota is Burnin"
"Music Video" Editor Fanaka Nation "Sota is Burnin was a fun project to edit. I was given multiple angles all shot in a studio over the course of one day. The direction was to create a multiple grid style video with more than one shot on the same screen at one time and to have fun with it. The color was pretty much there and there was no need for any color adjustments after the final cut.
The Festifull Summer
"Documentary" Co-Director, Editor, Cinematographer The festifull Summer was my first really big project that manifested from an idea to final acceptance and premier at thin line film festival. It was my first experience creating a pilot in order to raise funding, license music, follow a direction through the management an organization of 400 + hours of footage and submission into film festivals.
Latrice Kristine
"Music Video" Director, Editor, Cinematographer - BET I worked closely with a music producer and the artist to come up with the initial concept of the idea. I knew it had to be intimate with her man, so I shot that direction for almost all scenes then singling her and her man out as they walked through groups of people at a party to end the video. All locations were set up through the Label and this was a one day shoot on location at a mansion in Pomona, CA. I used a set of carl Zeiss lenses with an HVX 200a redrocks adapter. And the edit was done final round with the producer and delivered to BET
The Yearbooks
"Music Video" Editor, Cinematographer - Television I worked with a Director and Producer on this shoot. I was soley responsible for the Cinematic Direction. We came up with a shot list based around this idea of a summer filled with pool parties and pretty girls having a good time hanging out around the pool. More of a preppy awkward pool party and not quite "fitting in" was the bands story line and direction. So I shot vibrant and tried to capture the ambiance around that.
Mark Kneppers
"Artist/Musician Segment" Editor, Cinematographer - Music Festival Media TV This was more of an experience video with the DJ set played on the boat and you following the party out to sea. The interview gave some insight on "what to do" coming up as a solo artist and that statement followed with the party as it built up throughout the day. I filmed the event with a 2nd shooter and I and completed the edit with the producer.
Killzone 3
"Video Game Cinematics" Editor, Camera Operator - SONY PlayStation This project was extremely big and I helped with the flow of assets from motion capture to final in game delivery. It was about 90 minutes of video games cinematics spliced in between levels with 4 different stages of animation. I shot and edited reference videos for the animation teams and made sure edits were sufficiently completed all the way through the process of filming to in game delivery. I worked under the producer.
"Music Video" Editor - Television I was the editor on the piece and did help on location but just as a PA. I worked with the Director over the phone to come up with a direction for the edit and went through about 3 different drafts before the final cut.
AVALON by Sandel
"Marketing Content" Producer, Editor - WEB & Trade Show I worked with the marketing director to come up with the content for this piece. We did all filming on location for SANDEL and I worked closely with the marketing director on interview questions, and what to capture and present for the edit. This played at a trade show in Las Vegas.
Forum & Clayco
"Marketing Content" Producer, Editor - WEB I worked with the marketing director for this piece which went on their website. I came up with the interview questions and interviewed all team member selected by the marketing directer. Then went through a couple rounds of corrections before the final cut.
Pflug Packaging
"Marketing Content" Producer, Editor - WEB & Trade Show This was a project where I started out with one video and it led to more with this company. We found out who our target audience was and then went in that direction and shot the right material for it. This was a huge learning process on finding direction for marketing and production.